Retaining your beautiful Smile!

Retaining your beautiful Smile!
Posted on 05/23/2019

After all of your hard work to make your smile exceptional Engstrom Orthodontics will provide you with retainers. There are several different types of retainers and Dr. Todd Engstrom will discuss them with you as early as your consultation visit. Retainers are never an afterthought; they are, in fact, an integral part of orthodontic treatment.

Retainers fall into one of two categories; fixed or removable. Engstrom Orthodontics primarily uses fixed retainers on the lower teeth. Fixed retainers are permanently bonded to the back of the lower teeth in a non visible manner. A clear retainer is also provided just in case the lower bonded retainer ever comes out. Removable retainers are just as they sound; removable. There is generally a clear removable retainer made shortly after debanding. A longer term wire retainer may be made several months later.

Retainer wear is for life, it protects the investment that was made in creating your beautiful new smile.

The team at Engstrom Orthodontics celebrates each and every new smile that we help to create! If you would like to enhance your smile please call our office for a free consultation at either our North Raleigh or Fuquay Varina location, Engstrom Orthodontics is always here to help.

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